Review Policy


My Policy:

I am an educator who is passionate about reading and encouraging children and teens to read.  I enjoy talking about books and sharing books with children, teachers, and librarians.  Posting reviews on this site is based solely on my personal views of the book and how I might be able to use the book with students.  Books reviewed on this site are received from authors, publishers, have been purchased from the book store or checked out at the library. I do not nor have I ever been paid for my reviews.
Currently, I am able to accept paperback/hardbacks books and ARCs for Picture Book through Young Adult Books. Some arrangements can be made to review e-galleys.  If you would like me to review your book, please contact me at
and I would be happy to consider your request.  In agreeing to review your book, I do not guarantee a fully favorable review but one that I believe is honest and fair.  Additionally, if there is a time-frame in which your book needs to be reviewed, please indicate it in your request.  If I am unable to review your book within your time-frame, I will let you know.
Review Ratings:
5 Stars– I loved it and want to read it again.
4 Stars– I really liked this book. Recommend it without reservation.
3 Stars– Good read. Recommend it with some caution.
2 Stars– I really wanted to like, but just couldn’t get into it. May recommend it with reservations.
1 Star– I couldn’t get into this book. Do not recommend it.

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