Announcing the Winners of the Crescendo ARC Contest

After reading through some wonderful stories about who inspired you to read, or where you enjoy reading or who you love to read to, and then spending what felt like forever tallying up points, there is finally a winner – well sort of two winners.  Let me explain.

I had mentioned that it would be my decision if the person who won Crescendo would also win Matched by Ally Condie.  After much thought and before I selected a winner (using, I decided that if the winner had 30 points or more (based on their various entries) then the person would win both ARCs.  If it was 29 or less, then the winner would get Crescendo only.  My first winner Mayara from Brazil had under 30 points.  Mayara is the lucky winner of the Crescendo ARC.  (Mayara – you have 24 hours to contact me to claim your prize.) Since her points were less than 30, I then selected a second random winner Mandy (@twimom101) who will receive the ARC of Matched.

Congratulations to both winners!  And thank you everyone for being so creative and providing some inspiration for a future blog post.  Some of you may be contacted for permission to use either your pictures or stories in an upcoming literacy post.

On an additional note, I will be moving my blog over to Blogger.  My new web address with be It is a bit complicated as to why I am moving, but if you are interested in this blog and upcoming future contests feel free to come follow me there.  I was able to transfer most things over but to all my followers…you must elect to follow or not.  Of course, I hope you will  because there will be some big events coming up over the next several months that I think you will love.

– Aly


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